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Welcome to my aromatherapy world!

My name is Kadri, and I am an IFA qualified clinical aromatherapist. I offer a variety of treatments that are customised to your individual needs, and designed to provide healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation for your mental and physical health.

Each treatment incorporates carefully chosen oils that are selected based on your specific needs and concerns.

All of my products are made from scratch using natural and safe ingredients, and they are created to be both simple yet luxurious, promoting overall health and beauty.

My treatments can bring you pain relief, uplift a tired mind, or improve your skin condition, among many other benefits.


My Approach

I am here to provide people with effective natural alternatives to promote balance and harmony in their mind, body, and spirit through a range of treatments and products.

My mission is to empower individuals to choose something that is not only free of potentially harmful chemicals, but is also safe and provides healing qualities straight from nature itself.

I understand that life can be hectic and stressful, which is why I offer the convenience of bringing my services directly to my clients' homes. By working in an environment that is convenient, familiar, and safe to them, my clients can relax and fully experience the benefits of my treatments and products.

This accessibility is particularly helpful for those with busy lifestyles, limited mobility, or anyone who may find it difficult to find time for self-care.

Thank you for considering my services, and I look forward to helping you achieve greater well-being through natural healing.

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