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Hi, I'm Kadri. I am IFA qualified clinical aromatherapist.

I offer treatments that are healing,  relaxing or rejuvenating,  beneficial for mental and physical health. All oils for the treatments are carefully chosen  according to a specific problem you may have. 

The products are made from scratch, they are natural and safe, simple yet luxurious and meant for health and beauty.​ They can bring you pain relief,  be uplifting for tired mind or help improve your skin condition.




My Approach

My purpose is to give people natural alternatives to heal and balance their mind, body and spirit through various treatments and products. To give the ability to choose something that is not only free of potentially harmful chemicals but is safe and provide healing qualities straight from the most natural and effective source- nature itself.  


I offer my clients the convenience to bring the service strait to their own homes, working in the environment that is convenient, familiar and safe to them. This allows people with busy lifestyle, limited mobility or anyone who would have difficulties to find time for themselves to access the treatments and products more easily.


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