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This face cream is meant to be tailored to your age and skin type. It's moisturising, protective, nourishing and healing. 

It is completely free of toxic chemicals that are present in most commercial face creams, parabens, petroleum, pefume and colorants just to name a few.

The main ingredients of this fantastic and natural cream are base oils, floral water, essential oils and emulsifier. Which ones used exactly depends on your skin type.

Common floral waters to use would be rose, lavender or chamomile.

From base oils rosehip seed, argan, tamanu or evening primrose oils are most popular. From essential oils immortelle, frankincense, carrot seed, sandalwood, neroli, chamomile, rose or lavender would be most used. 

Rose water, argan oil, shea butter and rose, immortelle or frankincense essential oils would be great together for an anti aging cream.

If you have a young and acne prone skin I would recommend a blend of lavender floral water, rosehip oil and lavender, chamomile and tea tree essential oils.

What ever your skin requires, the right ingredients combined can achieve it for you!




Face Cream

100 Milliliters
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